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    h tragedians—stanzas from Dante—long ●lines from Schiller—Miss Wilhelmina would reci▓te with such pathos, such expre▓ssion, there was no occasion to understand the

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    l▓anguages to enter into such charming recitation▓s.English poetry was not ventured upon: Byron ▓and Moore were charming, certainly; but then her▓ sister’s

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    responsible position—she dared not▓ admit them upon the drawing-●room tables of Red Rose Villa—s●he could only indulge herself strictly ●in private. Miss Angeli

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    ca, the youngest of▓ the family by some years, was ▓different to either sister.Nature had not be●en very bountiful in the powers of the brain, ●but, in thei

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    r stead, had endowed he▓r with powers of housewifery in no co▓mmon degree.She managed all▓ the domestic concerns of this human Noah’s ar●k as no one else c

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    ould.From morning t▓ill night she was moving; so overlooking ev▓ery department, that at the farthest sound o●f her footsteps (none of the lightes●t, for Miss Angelica was as short and ▓stout as Miss Wilhelmina was tall and● languidly slim) every brush and broom ●seemed endowed with double vel



●ocity.Jingle, jingle, went a huge b●unch of keys—pat, pat, her substantial▓ feet, from kitchen to att


ic—scullery to roof.●Even if she sat down, her fingers continu●ed the same perpetual motion, in the c●reation of sundry caps, bonnets, head-dresse

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s 癃all the paraphernalia of female▓ elegancies.No one dressed so becomingly● as the Misses Brown; and

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Miss Angelica ▓was considered the originator and inventor of fa▓shions which all Briarstone followed. The p▓upils were like most misses i▓n their

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teens.Originality of char▓acter always succumbed to syste▓m in Red Rose Villa.Miss Brown’s wa●s a finishing academy for

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